Benefits of Independence Fleet

Independence fleet is a writing club that was formed in the early days. You get to join a group whereby you can be able to tell a story and now it is determined as a crew. This is done by adding into the information by making Facebook posts from time to time. The number of posts that you make are not limited and so you can make as many as you want. You get to have a lot of fun by doing this. There are so many possibilities when it comes to this and you only have to be creative and imaginative. Below are some of the benefits of independence fleet.

First, you get to engage with different ideologies. Since every group has a leader who is also known as a captain. They get to lead the crew in the way that they see fit and you will be able to follow on by making your post regarding the topic. This is fun for you get to be imaginative and you can come up with a great piece. Since you are playing along with other crew members you get to enjoy for they have different inputs and you have to be creative so as to follow on.

Secondly, you get recognized for the input. Every month there are some awards that are given to the members for playing excellence. This is really good for you will get motivated to play better. You get to enhance your creativity and get ready for more challenges that may appear when you are playing. You will also get to know some of the crew members that have received an award and you can be able to see what they are doing so as to improve on yourself. The new members are also included in these awards.

Lastly, you get a good venue to interact with people. This is good since you can have something to do during your free time. You get to have a lot of fun with people that are not around you. You get to appreciate all the moments that you have during this time frame because you get to enjoy the atmosphere. This is a very awesome experience and you also get to learn much from the Star Trek simming fleet. You get to write on your adventures too. These are the benefits that you get from engaging with the independence fleet.

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